Finn Slough – Historical Fishing Community

Every now and then when it looks like there is going to be a beautiful sunset I will visit the Historical Fishing Community called Finn Slough. It is located in Richmond, British Columbia on an intertidal marsh right next to the Fraser River.

People have been living in Finn Slough since 1890 when a group of Finnish fisherman arrived in the Richmond area. During this time many of the people worked in the salmon fishery and at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. The small collection of float houses has such charm and it is a wonderful place for photographers. When I arrived I was surprised to see two adult Mute Swans in the water and I could hear the distinct “kleek-kik-ik-ik”, “kak-kak-kak” call of a Bald Eagle.

©Jens Preshaw

The fish boat the “EVA” has an Easthope engine that makes a classic “pop-pop-pop” sound when it is running.

©Jens Preshaw

©Jens Preshaw

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