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Beach Trees

When walking on the beach I noticed these beautiful trees created in the sand by the receding tide. Their formation is also helped when the beach has a slight incline. I didn’t have a macro lens, which would have been ideal, and I had to work hard not to get my feet in the picture. I received a lot of curious glances from people walking by. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

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Photographic minimalism is popular on social media sites like Instagram. It’s an art style that started in the 1960’s. The guiding principle of minimalism is less is more. It should be simplistic, clean and the viewer should clearly understand what is the photo’s subject. There should be no doubt about what you are looking at in the photo. It’s a very fine line between a photo that speaks to you, has some meaning or just taking a boring photo. It reminds me of the saying ‘Simple is hard’. Click on the image to see a larger version with a black background.

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