Whiskey Jacks

It’s that time of year when we are receiving lots of rainfall in the lower mainland. A day of sunshine is a real treat and it provided me with the opportunity to do some snowshoeing in Cypress Provincial Park.

The weather was a constantly changing combination of sun and cloud. I was hoping that the dramatic light would allow me to capture some good images of The Lions which are a pair of pointed peaks. I waited for several hours for the weather to clear but it never materialized. I knew where The Lions were located and that they were tantalizingly close, just out of sight and behind the quickly moving clouds and mist.

As I sat waiting I was kept company by a number of Whiskey Jacks or Gray Jays who were hoping that I would feed them. I don’t believe in feeding the wildlife because it habituates them to human beings. They enjoyed sitting on the tips of my snowshoes and were quite happy to pose for photos.

©Jens Preshaw

©Jens Preshaw

Eventually the clouds and mist parted and provided a small window that allowed me a few minutes where I could see the east peak of The Lions. I was able to quickly take a few images before it disappeared from sight. It was getting late in the day and I still needed to snowshoe down the mountain.

©Jens Preshaw

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