What I Learned From Ted Grant

Ted Grant’s career as a photojournalist spans sixty years. He has received the Order of Canada and won many awards as a photographer. His iconic image of the the prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, sliding down the bannister at the 1968 Liberal convention in Ottawa is a wonderful photo. In an interview he said that as a photojournalist he doesn’t run around with his camera, he just finds his spot and then he waits.

When I arrived at this location I really liked the perspective of all the seaplanes in a line. There were two mechanics and they had removed the engine cowling of the seaplane at the front and I took a few images but wasn’t happy with the photos. So I waited. The mechanics were testing the engine and then they had to reattach several pieces of the engine cowling. One mechanic finished the job by grabbing a hose and spraying the area of the seaplane where they had been working. As a photographer sometimes you need to be patient and like Ted Grant says, you need to find your spot and just wait…



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