The End of Summer

It’s Labour Day in Canada and today I was thinking about my summer. I was very fortunate to visit Iceland and the Faroe Islands, even though the weather wasn’t so great for taking images. The photo below is a self portrait I took with my tripod, camera and self-timer in Iceland on the beach at Jokulsarlon. I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 4:00 a.m. to find the black volcanic beach covered in huge pieces of ice. The North Atlantic waves wash the icebergs up on shore and as the tide falls their stranded on the beach. There was no one else around and it was a bit surreal walking and taking images amongst these beautiful pieces of ice. The ice is over a thousand years old and because it has been in the glacier under such tremendous pressure, there is no air in the ice, which is why it’s so crystal clear. The oldest ice also tends to be the bluest in colour.


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