Ross Hinged Camera Level

I have been using the Ross camera level this summer and have been generally pleased with it’s performance. This hinged camera level allows you to get your horizons straight when shooting horizontal or vertical images. This is particularly important when you are taking pictures of the ocean. It’s true, that you can straighten the horizon of an image during post processing, but I like to get as much of it correct ‘in-camera’ as possible.

What I like about the Ross¬†camera level is that because it’s hinged, it sits flat and flush to the body of the camera. My previous camera level would often snag when I was putting the camera in or taking it out of my camera pack. As a result, I would have to spend extra time putting the camera level on when setting up my tripod and taking it off when I was finished. With the Ross camera level I just leave it in the accessory shoe, and it’s ready to go when I start shooting images. It’s highly visible and well constructed with borosilicate glass.

© Jens Preshaw

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