Morning Light

This morning when I woke up the sun was streaming through my living room windows. The sunlight reflected off a door and for a moment created a shadow of a reading lamp on the wall of my condominium. It was very fleeting, by the time I turned on my camera and took a photo, it was gone, in less than a minute.

©Jens Preshaw

These days I am trying to take the time to see more of these ‘moments’ in my life. When I thought about why I had never seen this shadow before on the wall of my condominium, I realized that the sun is slowly changing position as we move from Winter to Spring. It may be only a few days each year that you are able to see a particular shadow in your house, on the street or in the mountains. If it is raining on that day you may only see it every few years. Here’s to all of us slowing down and taking the time to enjoy more of these moments.

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