Hauntingly Beautiful

During my trip to Haida Gwaii we went ashore to explore an old logging camp. At the beginning of World War II they harvested high quality Sitka Spruce which was used to build aircraft, including the famous Mosquito bomber. There was a donkey engine, logging trucks, glass bottles and logger work boots.

Logging Truck Overgrown With Moss
Logger Work Boot and Glass Bottle

At Mathers’s Creek there are pre 1900 burials of people who had lived in the village of Clue. This area of Haida Gwaii is isolated by today’s standards, I can’t imagine what it was like in the 1880’s. What would you do if you became ill, had a toothache or a broken bone? Below is a gravestone that read:

In Memory of

Annie Kanskiny


Sep. 21, 1887

at Clue Village Q.C.I

Her last words were

The Lord have mercy on me

And wash away my sins

Annie Kanskiny Who Died 132 Years Ago

There was also the gravestone in memory of:

Kitty M. Clew Q.C.I


In Peace

April 1888


26 years

I wonder about Annie and Kitty and how they ended up living in such a remote part of the world in the 1880’s. What are the stories of their lives? Where did they come from? How often would they receive supplies or mail from a passing ship? What was their daily life like in the village of Clue? The moss is slowly growing over the gravestones. I can only imagine what this place is like during the winter months when the area is hit by strong Pacific storms. You can see a gallery of my Haida Gwaii images here.

Kitty M. Clew ( Note the Hand and Extended Index Finger Pointing to Heaven )
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