Garibaldi Lake

I just returned from camping overnight at Garibaldi Lake. This allowed me to take images at sunset and sunrise, something you can’t do during a day hike. The 900 metres of elevation gain was quite challenging carrying a multi-day pack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tripod, DSLR camera, lens, polarizer, remote shutter release, extra battery, down jacket, fleece pants, food, water, keys, wallet, Petzl headlamp, bug repellent, glasses and toilet paper. What many hikers on the trail incorrectly referred to as a ‘big bee’ were actually large horseflies which can give you a nasty bite.

There wasn’t any interesting cloud formations when I arrived, but the stillness of the water was good for reflections. Just after sunset a spectacular full moon rose behind the Sphinx glacier. I was up at 5:30 a.m. taking pictures along the shore of the lake and I had it all to myself. It was hard to leave such a beautiful place, I wish I could have stayed longer. Click on an image and then use the left and right keys on your computer keyboard.

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